Luminous, meet Liberty (Part 1)

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to participate in a blog hop to promote the Adventures in Color Quilt Along. The Quilt Along was created and run jointly by Tamarinis and Seams Like A Dream Quilts, and each of these quilters created their own version of the quilt – Tammy’s was the dark background, and Kate’s was the lighter. I was one of the bloggers who participated in the event, and I had the opportunity to guest blog on Tammy’s site on June 3.

This was originally intended to be a one part blog post, but it morphed into 2. Today’s blog post is largely the content shared with Tammy for June 3, and tomorrow’s post will cover the majority of the quilting details. It helped me a lot when both designers said we didn’t have to make the whole quilt. I didn’t – my quilt used elements found in the pattern, but I took them and completely changed the layout.

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Revisiting a Favorite – Island Star

Island Star

This week’s blog post gets it’s inspiration from #throwbackThursday…this is Island Star, one of the last big projects that I did for Island Batik when I was an Ambassador. It’s hangs in pride of place in my sewing room, right over my cutting station.

When I was an Ambassador, each of us received a box twice a year, filled with samples of product that was being released to shops in the coming months. Most of our boxes were unique to us, and had tentative time schedules throughout the months, so that there was some cohesion to the timeframe. This project came from the Sand and Surf collection that year. This was a January 2017 project, so it came out right after quilt Market.

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Day 2 of the Designers Quilt Show – Welcome!

Day 2 of the Quilt Designers Show

We got off to a GREAT start yesterday, and I am glad that you are here with us for the second day of the Designers Quilt Show. This virtual event brings together (for me) some old friends and some old friends I haven’t met yet – if that makes any sense. This brings together 28 international designers, over 6 days – for fun, inspiration, some demos, some tutorials, some food – and a whole lot of prizes. What makes this different is that it’s broken down into manageable chunks, so you take your time and get to know each one of us.

Today’s designers are:

We’ve all been working hard on this project, so I hope that you can take some time, maybe pour some coffee and see what we have planned for you all.

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Elastic Substitutions for Masks


If blog posts had a subtitle (as novels do), this one would have gone up under “Maskmaker, Maskmaker, make me a mask…”, but that might be more of a testament to what I’ve been listening to on my playlist than anything else. In truth, I’ve been working on the ‘mask project’ along with many many people. Who knew that sewists have finally become the Cool Kids…

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Making us Laugh – Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams for a Quilter

Welcome to my stop on the Making us Laugh Blog Hop, where today I am bringing some fun funky fabrics to give a new spin to an old project. Add a little technology to it, and it’s a good time to have some fun! Many thanks, once again to Joan Kawano of Moosestachequilting for coming up with the idea, centered around National Quilting Day this past weekend. As an added bonus, this project will give you plenty of chances to play with the fabric stash you’ve spent years collecting, maybe looking at it in different ways.

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Welcome to the Making us Laugh Blog Hop

Making Us Laugh Blog Hop

OK, I’m calling my friend Joan of Moosestash Quilting a visionary on this one. Joan is a fellow Island Batik Ambassador Alumni, and she has put out an idea about a blog hop this month to celebrate National Quilting Day on March 21st, which is Saturday. Joan’s theme was to make a project to encourage us to laugh, but oh, my goodness…talk about perfect timing.

For this one, count me as one of a number of the Quilt Quazy Queens…there are a LOT of us who signed up, so you’re likely to find some fun projects to try.. We’ve even got an ‘official’ Instagram Hashtag that we’re using, #dailygigglefest. And you can always use #nationalquiltingday2020 as well.

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Conquering Fears at a Retreat…

From the Fearless files…

I always think of a retreat as an chance to immerse myself in my creative side, which admittedly doesn’t get the chance to come out and play as often as I’d like. I was away at my annual 4 days weekend last month, and I embraced that idea wholeheartedly. Although I overpacked (to a comical degree), I really only worked on one project…my Dream Big Panel. It’s done, and handing in it’s place of honor in my sewing room. It looks good if you apply the galloping horse at 20 feet test to it…and I do. I can see every flaw, every oops, everything that I will work on and improve. Maybe you’ll eventually see my next panel…but this one is one for me.

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How I learned to love Flying Geese units again

6 modern flying geese units
6 geese make one block here

One of the first quilts I ever made was a hand pieced Christmas quilt which had a flying goose border. It was an early attempt, and I remember thinking that I never wanted to make another Flying goose block as long as i lived. I know that in speaking with many quilters, this block can evoke this sentiment with many.

I’m going to share one of my best secrets for making this block, one that doesn’t require a 45 degree angle. I found this technique via Pinterest one night, and what caught my eye in the photo was the appearance of the block – you had much more visible sky. It was also the first time I’d seen this block with 2 different sky fabrics…I found this a game changer.

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Organization Envy…

Strip overflow

This will be a short post this week, but every once in a while you come across someone who has a figured out a better way to organize something. I call that effect Organization Envy, and this time it came in the form of a blog post by Debby Brown, a very prolific scrap quilter. It came in the form of a Facebook post, where she had very neatly organized a tub of jelly roll strips Very neat and tidy, much as Debbie is. Have I mentioned that she’s prolific?

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Connecting to an old skill…Meet the Goddess…

Most of the time. my creative energies go into quilting, but I recently started a project in another medium that takes me back to my creative roots, so to speak. The first creative skill I ever learned, when I was a young girl, was embroidery. I had put it aside for many years in favor of quilting, until I met The Goddess. Literally, I felt as if something was pulling me towards her when I saw her.

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