You’ve bought the book…how often do you use it?

You’ve bought the book…how often do you use it?

 Like many of you, I’ve been quilting for quite a while – long before we had access to the world of online tutorials, videos, livestreams, and what seems to be my default source of inspiration, Pinterest.  My bookcase is filled with books of various genres, some tutorials, some techniques, something about them drew them to me and my bookcase. While I do see a destash of some sort happening in the next year or so, there are some true friends who have stood the test of time.  Eleanor Burns “Quilt in A Day – Christmas” is one of those old friends I turn to again and again.

It makes sense…you have a new quilter, Christmas and the Quilt in a Day brand – it’s the perfect formula for a book which when I took it out of the case, is well worn and used – like a favorite recipe which comes out at the holidays. I know that December doesn’t start until Saturday, but with the extra week after Black Friday (ugh) and Cyber Monday (yay!) to work with, I’ve started thinking about Christmas.

This book does have a general holiday feel, and it’s got a smattering of recipes as well as projects to work with.  I haven’t made any of the recipes – although my mouth does water whenever I look through it!  I have made several of the projects (some multiple times), and the patterns are always well written and illustrated.  Here are some of my favorites:

This stuffed angel pattern always makes me smile. My older son, Chris (who isn’t big into crafts!) had started a collection of angels for me when he was a teenager. Each of them is different and unique, but this one always makes me smile when it comes out of the box. This project comes from his days as a poor college student, when Mom was adamant that he not spend his money on an angel.  When he came home from college, we spent an afternoon with my fabric box, some bits and bobs, lave, a fabric pen, some straw hair, and a glue gun. She’s the ugly duckling of the crew, and a little older in the tooth, but she’s my favorite one of the group. Chris cringes when he spots it every year, but I’m hoping he someday ‘gets it’.

Another favorite pattern of mine from the book is her stocking pattern. Although I know that my sons have homes and families of their own, I have handmade stockings for everyone here when we gather on Christmas Eve.  The bad news on that score is that I made the original set of 4 stockings (me, Mike, Chris and Andy) before I began quilting – and before I bought the book.  Let’s just say that ‘stocking overflow’ isn’t unusual for the 4 of us. I have used this pattern to make 4 stockings so far, and look forward to making 2 more in the new year using the same ones.  There’s usual good natured groaning that my daughters in law and the grands get the bigger stockings.  This pattern is also easy to follow – and it’s lined! – so it’s a matter of how nuts you want to go with the embellishments.  Three guesses on that one!

This pattern is the one I’ve made the most – largely because it’s made via strip piecing (hello, it’s an Eleanor Burns publication!) and you make 12 at a time. Honestly, I’ve made at least 3 strip sets of these – they are great teacher gifts, package toppers, secret santa presents…this is my potato chip pattern – you can’t make just one!  It’s also not breakable (something with toddlers around, I’m begining to appreciate more today).  And it had a bell on the end – something else useful.

This went onto the tree the other night when we decorated it. I need to move it to a more kid friendly zone!

I’d like to know – what’s your most well loved book on your shelf?

This isn’t a promoted post – but if you’d like more information about the book, it is available on the Quilt in a Day website here.


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