Well, the dust has settled a bit

New year, new organization…every quilter’s desk needs a decent mug rug.  Mine might be a tad bigger than your average size mug rug, but that’s OK. It’s a rug with a message as well as a purpose.  And I tend to bring very large mugs of coffee up here to the office.

I’m currently participating in (and proudly helping to sponsor the madness) of a project designed to encourage quilters to spend 20 minutes a day sewing. There’s that button on the right in the sidebar that will link you to the details.  This is something that I started back in December, with the intention of finishing it for New Years.

As part of my organizing the studio, I ‘found’ fabric that I loved, but haven’t used yet. It’s a souvenir from a trip I took a while ago to Las Vegas, where i found this very southwestern fabric.

007 (2)  I loved it so much that I haven’t been able to cut into it since I bought it – and I have a LOT of it. I decided to take it out and put it into the mug rug so that i can see it every day – and maybe be inspired to work with it. I really do love the colors.

This is the finished rug. I began working on it when I was doing the cleanout, and pondering what my word for the year would be. I’ve had one, I just haven’t celebrated it publically yet.

001 (2)

My word – and my purpose – is to Focus more in 2014. There are two schools of thought to that phrase. Some would say that to focus on something, you only need to look ahead, to the road in front of you. Others think that you need to look behind you to see where you’ve come from. I believe that my philosophy is that wherever I am, at this point is merely a point on my journey – and you need to take that into consideration.  It’s a journey, not a destination – and I’m no longer fearful if I don’t know in advance all the stops along the way. I like that I get to look at that every morning.

The words around the fabric are “FOCUS”, and they are in 4 different colors. All the colors are found in the fabric, but each is also part of the color coding system I’ve put into place here.

‘Til next time.


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