Wednesday Words – Finding my SPARK for 2019…

Wednesday Words – Finding my  SPARK for 2019…
Spark is the word

I actually thought about what I would select for the word of the year much earlier than I usually do. I began scribbling ideas down in early December, and then

Something did…in a fashion. SPARK is my word, and it’s an acronym for Shift. Possible. Action. Results. Kind. This mantra is easy to remember for me, and it applies to my work life as well as my personal life. It can even (insert a big grin here!) work up as a new Facebook cover page. There’ll be a tutorial sooner rather than later on how I made that.

Shift comes into play because when you’re an entrepreneur, you need to be able to get to a place of yes (sometimes, on an hourly basis). Being able to shift, for me, usually means changing the method I use to get a certain outcome. One of my favorite sayings is that if there is a long way around the barn, I’ll take it. In 2019, I want to shift that way of operating, and move onto making life easier for me and those around me.

A note here – one huge creative shift is coming this year. I’ve often joked about being evenly left and right brained, and often being conflicted about whether I do computer work or sewing work. I felt as though I had to do the computer work first, before I earned the sewing time. I crashed headlong into that issue on more than one occasion, and more than one deadline. Now, I’m scheduling sewing time into may day – and I’m really enjoying it. A shift in action.

Possibilities often become visible once you embrace the shift method of operating. Things that weren’t visible to you can suddenly appear if you just change your perspective a bit. You do have to have faith in that, but it generally works out.

Action is perhaps the easiest of the words to understand, but it’s also in here for a reason…I hate the feeling of being ‘stuck’ in a problem. My business has changed (ok, shifted) this year, and I now have several clients whose social media platforms I manage. That can often mean one deadline, and several clients to keep on schedule. It can require some fancy footwork, and a lot of action being taken. That’s going to continue throughout the year.

Results – this speaks for itself. If you want to get ahead, you need to take action and then measure the results…and that’s true whethe you are baking a cake, quilting a quilt…or mounting an ad campaign…if you don’t take a hard look at the item, you won’t know how successful you were.

Kind – This is a personal code word for me for this year – we can always be kind. I had the opportunity to witness kindness in action this week, and it really struck me how powerful it can be. It costs nothing to be kind, and it makes you so much happy – and brings joy to those around you.

So – I’d like to know what’s your SPARK this year?

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