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Good morning, Blogland.  I hope that you’re enjoying the great content that has been put out there by the other sewists in the group for the Back to School Blog Hop.  I linked back to the original post by Sam Hunter for your convenience…and there’s so much that I’m learning as I read along each day.  It’s the kind of hop that begs for a cup of something (or glass, no judgment here!), a quiet corner (it’s not called the back to school blog hop for nothing!), and a chance to just breathe… and reconnect with your inner creative soul.  I’ll see you next Wednesday, the 6th for my topic – room organization on a budget.

Today, however…I have something else entirely I want to explore with you. I had a little ‘incident’ on Facebook – and that tapped into something.  I received a seemingly innocent message on FB from one of my friends, asking me to put a heart on my wall – with no explanation and nothing else – to ‘remind’ women that this is breast cancer prevention week, and….what, exactly?

Yeah, that’s a no from me.  I responded (politely, I thought) to the messenger (and dreading the next several iterations of this…because they tend to populate quickly. I then went onto my personal wall and stated my PSA…that people should just own their own health, period.  That proceeded to a number of messages (on the wall and behind the scenes), with people who were concerned about me.  Loved the love, but I wanted to take the opportunity to elaborate.

I am fine – completely healthy. In fact, maybe this was a part of this, this week I had my first colonoscopy – I had put it off  (who wants to do that?), and found that it’s not the worst thing in the world. It’s not something that I was looking forward to – but I did it and I survived it.  And I’ve been reading and watching  the stories of both Jake Finch and Debby Brown this past year – and maybe, just maybe…this is my line in the sand.

Please don’t misunderstand…I wholeheartedly support cancer screenings – but why only one week a year? And I always think of the logistics – if everyone scheduled their tests in the same week…that will create an artificial logjam in the system – which may result in someone skipping her tests, or having to wait a lot longer than she should. And why only breast cancer this week – shouldn’t we also be screening for just general good health all the time?  If you only are concerned about breast cancer, you could be ignoring other areas of your health that you shouldn’t.

Then there’s the whole secret code thingy…really? Why are we hiding it in secret? Why can’t we tell people what we’re doing, and why? Are we ashamed (I’m starting to feel a bit like Carrie Bradshaw here)? Why the secrecy…won’t we reach more people with a message if we just state it matter-of-factly?

So, I’m climbing off my soapbox here…and realizing that I just uncovered some Linda work that I need to do; I’m not ready to talk about that now – but stay tuned.

Have a great day…love you, ladies!

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  • Sam Hunter says:

    LOVE this! I really dislike the “do this to your profile for whatever” messages, as they don’t really do anything at all. I concur – Own your health. And FYI… more women die of heart disease than they do of breast cancer, so if I was going to promote something… 🙂 Hugs

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