Room Organization – better, but not yet done!

Room Organization – better, but not yet done!

The saga continues (but you knew that, if you’re a longtime reader of the blog. Part one of this series can be found here, and deals with getting my fabric organization under control…or did it?

I have always maintained that organizing a space is a highly personal endeavor, and what works for me won’t work for you. It also evolves as you move through your quilting journey. In my case, this time I’m making changes that align with my quilting goals, and makes it easier to work in my space. There’s still 5 months to go in the year, and things that I want to accomplish along the way.

First off, I want to explore more ways in which my Cricut Maker can help me cut out projects more efficiently. That was hard to do when it was in a bag, on a shelf…in my sewing world, I like things to be easily accessible so that I can work with them. My cutting table is actually 2 base cabinets which have an oversized counter top on them…it’s slightly over 4 and a half feet in length, and the perfect height for me to cut with…and the perfect size for my room. The Maker’s footprint is slim, and it now sits on the edge (near the wall), plugged in and waiting. The drawer beneath it holds accessories needed, and the door space below that holds my cutting mats. I love using vertical storage space…

A proper workstation…easy to access, and to use.

The next space I tackled also deals with the cutting table…of sorts. I usually have a pressing station on the right hand side of the counter, and move it when I need to. One of my frustrations was not being able to locate a good spot for my Martelli rotary cutting mat…it simply took up too much space (or maybe it was the shape) on the counter, and if I put it away, underneath, I usually couldn’t be bothered to get it out. Then this solution appeared to me one night…and it’s a winner.

My cart tucks unter the overhang of the countertop, and provides a great solution for my Martelli round mat and pressing station, which I covered.

Another problem solved, and truthfully – a great solution for the wool pressing mat that’s a new addition…it just lays on top.

One of my goals for the year is to become better at my free motion quilting…and we all know that there is only one way to do that…practice, lots of practice. Funny thing, my pieces to be quilted – and the practice sandwiches – needed to be corraled and located next to my machine for easy use. They also needed to be put onto my calendar so that as I look at a month ahead, I can see consistent practice time in my planner. I TOLD you there was a shift coming on.

More sandwiches than a school field day…and Ribbon Candy as well!

This bag is a great shape…it sits on top of my sewing machine bag right between my sewing station and my desk. Perfect height, and the perfect place to keep things corralled. I’ve had problems with muscle memory for my ribbon candy pieces…and I found a solution for that as well…there’s a stencil for that!

Now, onto two areas which I haven’t resolved yet…but which are on the calendar for August. This August. The first is what’s probably the root cause of clutter in the sewing space…I’ve cleaned around it, I’ve moved it, I’ve shoved it in bins, buried it in a closet…I’ve done everything but deal with it. Batting scraps…just thinking about it makes me feel icky. But I’ve also put it on the calendar, and I’ve come up with a plan to deal with it. I’m too frugal to toss it (tempting as that might be)…it’s time.

Batting scraps – it’s time to deal with you. I’m done.

And finally, something that will bring this full circle. More fabric scraps that need to be dealt with. Does it ever end…yes, this month it does. This is the pile of miscellaneous fabric that I’m tired of tripping over…in a laundry hamper, of all things. It’s amazing how long I can put things off. But this month, I’m determined to go through it, and get it under control. I have time, a plan, several patterns, and a need to work through this. And if you’re in the market for scraps, let me know…I can hook you up.


If you get a bigger bin, you can hide more scraps. Time to deal.

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