Revisiting a Favorite – Island Star

Island Star

This week’s blog post gets it’s inspiration from #throwbackThursday…this is Island Star, one of the last big projects that I did for Island Batik when I was an Ambassador. It’s hangs in pride of place in my sewing room, right over my cutting station.

When I was an Ambassador, each of us received a box twice a year, filled with samples of product that was being released to shops in the coming months. Most of our boxes were unique to us, and had tentative time schedules throughout the months, so that there was some cohesion to the timeframe. This project came from the Sand and Surf collection that year. This was a January 2017 project, so it came out right after quilt Market.

Surf and Sand by
Fourth and Sixth

Knowing me, I began looking around for inspiration right after I got home from Market – most likely between Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you look at the star long enough, you might begin to see something familiar. My idea was to take an interpretation of Jaybird Design’s Night sky pattern, which has been on my cutting table (and which is still, unfortunately, a UFO on this year’s list!) and showcase it in a completely new arrangement – supersized!

Jaybrid’s Night Sky

I have an amount of yardage I keep in my Island Batik stash as a neutral, and I used that as the background. The color palette of the line gave me a lot of options to work with. Island was very generous as to the amount of fabric that they give us to work with.

My jumping off point

This pattern is designed to be made by using Jaybird’s Sidekick ruler; all I needed to do was to make it using the largest strips on the Super Sidekick, and I created one singular star instead of the galaxy shown in the original pattern. I did need to do some creative pattern drafting on this to center the star, and then I did the handoff to my longarm partner, Terry Burris Quilts (who is an angel…and who had a ‘heads’ up that this was coming to her) who made the the piece absolutely work. I was blown away, by both the background, and the detail work in the center of the star.

My longarm partner
is a genius.

I had an absolutely wonderful time in my 3 years as an Ambassador, and this fabric line is one of my all time favorites that I had to work with. Once I had completed this project, I has free rein to use the remaining fabric (and there was quite a bit, truth by told) in any way I saw fit.

I have many Jaybird patterns in my stash, and I am a huge fan of the designer. I went back to the drawing board, this time using Boomerang as my inspiration.

Jaybird’s Boomerang

For this project, I used the pattern in the size it was written for on her Sidekick ruler – no supersizing here – but I used the blocks to create a color band running down the length of a queen sized bed quilt, creating what would become the auction quilt for the 2017 MD Anderson Ovarian Cancer Quilt Auction, Tranquility Nights.

Tranquility Nights

I have some absolutely talented and wonderful ladies in my circle of friends, and this one was quilted Cheryl Szynkowski of North Port, Florida. Cheryl and I partner together on the Ovarian quilt project, and I love getting packages from her.

I have used up most of this line of fabric, which makes me sad. I love coming across it in my Island Batik scrap bin, because it brings back such wonderful memories.

Thanks for stopping by today’s installment of Inspiration is everywhere – you just need to know where to look.

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