Quilting for a New Bundle of Joy

Quilting for a New Bundle of Joy

I actually do have one finish to tell you about this month, and it’s a rather important one…in my family at least. We welcomed our third grandchild, Henry, into the family earlier this month, and his quilt was finished in the days leading up to his arrival – there’s nothing I like more than a deadline. The pattern used was absolutely perfect – it’s Sew Fresh Quilt’s Fox and Friend’s Baby Quilt pattern – although I took a long way to get there.

The original fabric bundle

I bought the fabrics a long time ago – they called to me, and truly it was a case of when you find something you love, buy it. When I say long, it was well over a decade ago – and the fabric was beautifully packaged and put away in my Kids fabric bin, waiting for me to dive in to look for something. I had forgotten about it so much that I actually had something else in mind for him, until I opened the bin. Henry was born in January, and all the more reason to back this quilt in a soft baby flannel. I found this perfect piece in my Flannel Bin (don’t mock the bin system…it worked this time!).

A perfect flannel backing for this

As often happens, this quilt had a few false starts, and ideas that didn’t work it. The pieced backing, which I ultimately absolutely adored, had a few false starts. I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted, which is why it took me a long time to get there. I hate it when that happens.

Early one morning in the workroom…what was I thinking.
Note – idea needed for 60 degree green diamonds soon!

I had decided to work with the equilateral triangles in the backing, and I think I was going to go with fusible applique on the top. Mom and Dad had decided on a Forest Friends theme for his room, and one night, on Pinterest, I figured it out. Thank you, Lorna from Sew Fresh Quilts for the inspiration as to how to turn this fabric pull (with a few minor additions) into what ultimately became H’s quilt. Your pattern was very easy to follow, and adapt for my needs. (This quilt is actually the first one I’ve ever done without a quilt border on it.).

I had 15 gray scraps with me that night – none worked! Including this.

This quilt meandered along, as we waiting anxiously for H to join us. This was an open sew at my local quilt shop, and I came determined to finish the top. Unfortunately, although this was the best of my grays, it was’t working. I love it when the people in the room look at your face, and keep saying what’s wrong? until you figure it out.

Adding the perfect Nana touch

I love adding personalization to any quilt, and there are two things that go on every quilt I make for my grandchildren – their name and a heart. My new Cricut Maker allows me to use fabrics already in the quilt to add that punch of personality. The heart is quilted in. For quilting this, I went with an easy to follow motif – leaves! The fox and the raccoon eat leaves! Done, and done – and I think my membership in team quilt it to death is in good standing…even though I try not to over quilt a baby quilt. You lose the snuggle factor.

Not all labels go on the back!

I put the bias binding on this quilt on by machine, for strength. I hope this quilt is loved to death – so I can make him another one. I’ve had several snuggle sessions with him, and he is gorgeous. I’m not sure he’s met me yet – he’s been sound asleep every time and I don’t think he’s seen me.

Three down – and one more on the way! That baby quilt presents a unique challenge – they’re not doing a gender reveal, so I have to go neutral. That quilt is sketched out and waiting for a start – I hope they’re ok with a ‘some assembly required’ approach (until I get a name, I can’t quilt it!).

Off to retreat…more dispatches coming soon. I really enjoyed Faux Spring while it lasted.

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