Postcard from Ringo Lake –

Today’s post is an update on a new project I’m working on – the zen of last week’s post can’t really stay zen for long.  I had posted an interesting tidbit on my facebook page about being vaguely intrigued about the newest Quiltville mystery quilt, On Ringo Lake…had many of my readers thought about it, were a lot of you going to do this?  I heard back in very short order that many of them had not ever done a “Bonnie Hunter” mystery before, but they were hooked on this one.  I pondered.

Then my newsfeed began to fill with many many photos of paint chips and beautifully folded samples of fabrics – beautifully laid out, just waiting for the beginning of the mystery – scheduled for Black Friday.  I was in – without really any context of what I was getting myself into…does that sound familiar to anyone?  But I wanted to play.

On Ringo Lake Fabric pull

One of my first decisions was that this quilt would be a scrap quilt…I’m using my stash as is, and my color choices are a little more sharply defined than the prototype colors are.   My fabric supply for this can only be described as a ‘Hot Mess’, but the good news is that in this process, I went through my stash of UFOs, and determined that there was enough to work through a major portion of this. I have a lot less of the coral/salmon family to use than I would have liked, but I’m working on a switch to the orange/tangerine part of the color wheel. and I’m making that work for me.


As a newbie, I had no idea of the pace of this project, and I thought that the quantity required for the first clue was daunting.

Clue #1 finishe

..It was running through my head as I wrote last week’s zen post.  Imaging my surprise when clue #2 was released, and there were four times the number of units from clue 1.  I saw a joke about this on Instagram, saying they were waiting for 20,000 HSTs…it makes me wonder.  This may be part of my 2019 UFO project list. 

I can say that this is a great project to work on if you’re trying to improve your accuracy.  Like many quilters, I have struggled from time to time with Flying Geese; I can say that the practice/repetition of this project has already improved…now if we can just work on the speed, I’ll be good.

The other part I’m loving is the comraderie of people working on it.  The variations of colors seem endless, and I saw a post (again on Instagram) of a quilter who was flying (according to the tray table) and passing the time by trimming his geese on the flight (with a notably small set of scissors).

For now, I’m enjoying the journey…I’m sure that I won’t set any land speed records for this project…but that’s ok. Every once in a while, you do need to slow the pace down and enjoy the journey. See, I’m back to zen.

You can find out more about this by visiting the page at the top of the post.  Or look for the hashtags #onringolake.

Enjoy the week…I’ll be talking to you next week!

Clue #2…scrappy organized



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