Monday Musings – Using my indoor word(s)

It’s become fashionable at the beginning of the year to pick one word and use that as a touchstone of motivation and inspiration for the rest of the year. I’ve used words such as focus (made a mug rug of that one), and I think I selected balance for last year.

Let’s face it, I’m creative, I’m left and right brained, and I’m a woman. Have you seen the picture of the computer with hundreds of browers open all the time?  That’s me  in a nutshell.

This year, I’ve selected several words which are related – so there’s a theme instead of a word.

I’m not trying to be glib – or irreverant; I do believe in the concept. But the words are significant because they tell you the direction (growth) I’m heading towards this year as well as some of the routes I’m going to take to get there.

Have you selected your word for the year?

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