Monday Musings – The Season of Giving

This month’s theme from Island Batik is to celebrate the season of giving in our own way. The blogs that have been posted throughout the month have shown me innovative ways to interpret the theme.

We are celebrating the holidays this year with a new family member, Weezy. Weezy is a 6 year old rescue cat that came to live with us through the local humane society, and she’s settling in here nicely. It is nice to have an assistant – now if she would just leave my printer alone!

In the process of adopting Weezy (and having met Nan Baker, another Ambassador this year at Market), I became much more familiar with the work of our shelters, and for this project, I wanted to give back to our local shelter. Last Friday night, I headed to open sew at our local quilt shop with strips in tow.

You can make a pet bed for a cat carrier with little fabric and less time…they really whip up quite easily, and I knew that they cats will need all the help that they can get in the cold weather.

In each of our Ambassador boxes, there are usually extra odds and bits of strips of fabric…which coordinate nicely when you put them together.

I took this set, which wound up measuring about 12 ” x 18″, and paired it with some batting scraps and some flannel for the back. It literally took very little time to make this – so I made some more…

OK…there is one that’s a little off kilter in that photo – please don’t tell the cat. Tomorrow morning, these are heading to my local shelter (which always posts a need for old sheets and blankets) to keep some kitties warm on the way to their new home.

Thank you, Island Batik for sponsoring this monthly theme. Merry Christmas!

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