Monday Musings – Row by Row License plates

First off, I’m happy to thank all of you who have stopped by over the past week to leave comments for the Our Favorite things blog hop. We’re having a blast participating (I’m looking at the others for tips to make this old place work better – there’s always something!) . Somewhere in the blurr that was last week, I launched my webstore with my row by row license plates in it.

My 2015 plate - .jpeg


The Row by row plates were the HOT collectible last year, and spawned several license plate themed fabrics that were found in the Row by Row fabric collections this year.  I decided to take  a look at some project inspriations to share with you regarding ways you can use them.

1. They are the perfect size to place onto tote bags as pockets – ok, this example shows my last year’s plate, but the 20150720_195108_resizedbag license plate was designed to be part of the removeable pocket, so that if you wanted to do something else with it, you could.

2. I have ‘Nana’ on the brain these days, but you could take that old “License Plate” game that we played when we were kids in the back of the car, and make an ‘I Spy’ quilt, using various license plates to complete the collection.

3. Make a sign for your sewing space, using either one or several of the license plates to ‘mark your territory’.  Ackfield Manufacturing has come out with several designs using the Row by Row theme.

4. Use part of a plate to embellish the back of a denim shirt.

5. Continuing the car and the license plate theme, make a car quilt using the plate as your special vanity plate. There are several great ideas of patterns out there – my friend Tammy Silvers  (another of the ladies from Island Batik Ambassadors) has a cute pattern out for a car that needs a vanity plate.

I’m going to use this as an opportunity to shamelessly self promote: to win a copy of my license plate (NH) – please leave a comment below if you’re collecting the plates – how you plan on using them.  We may do a follow up blog post on this later.  The winner will be drawn on Saturday, July 25.

Have a great one!

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