Monday Musings – Get Your Art out there Challenge, Day 1

This is a 5 day challenge that sponsored by the International Association of Creative Arts Professionals – designed to get our art out there. #CreativePassiontoProfit #Day1

The Day 1 Challenge – Why do I create?

There’s a portion of my being that craves the outlet that playing gives me. It’s the playtime aspect that appeals to me – the chance to retreat to my oh-sew-beautiful sewing room and create something just for me. Can I figure out the technique? Can I make something that I think is pretty?

I’ve joked a lot about Fabric Therapy in my travels – but it’s a real, concrete thing, and there are no calories involved.  The creative force in my life as a child were my aunt and my paternal grandmother. Neither were quilters, but my grandmother did crochet and knitting, my aunt did cakes and I remember putting small glass pins into soaps in her living room on a lot of Friday nights.

True confession time – I struggle (as in I really don’t like) the paint and sip trend that is so popular. My sister loves it and is a really beautiful painter and artist. I find it extremely frustrating that I don’t like it, but it is what it is.

As an adult, I looked to counted cross stitch and embroidery before finding my first quilt shop. About 5 years ago, I cleaned (under the guise of reorganizing) and purged my room so that only the quilting related toys remain.

I tend to run to the bright colors and uncluttered designs that are so clean now.

Here is a picture of the quilt that I like the best from this year  – new pattern being released this week…




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