Monday Musings – And I’m back after the break

We’ll20150829_090207_resized, I’m back after a much needed break from deadlines and details. Oh, they’re still there, but last week I was with Mike at the place which we have come to call, our Happy Place. Take a look at the photo at left, and really can you blame us?

It’s our summer rental in central New Hampshire, a slice of mid-century modern peace that beckons both of us. With weddings and house movings this year, we got to host friends for some lakeside fun.  It’s amazing, with internet access you can post your entry for a blog hop almost anywhere in the world.

Remember this photo from last week? mock potato saladTrue confessions time – that was packed and brought with us 5 minutes after the shot was captured.

This year, I didn’t bring a sewing machine – nor did I even go fabric shopping once.  I know, that 5 o’clock newsflash put out by Keepsake Quilting wondering where I was – nope, I sat, relaxed, consumed exactly one adult beverage, played scrabble…and when I was itching for something to do, I had brought the binding bag.

The binding bag was the tote bag that had quilts that needed binding…the slow, relaxed handwork that signals the end of the process for that quilt, making it days before the quilt heads off to it’s final destination. This one is full of love for a sick child in Boston.  Done and ready to go! 20150831_184224_resizedThe other one I can’t show you yet, but I am pleased with that one as well.

All for now…I have a chapter or two left over from lakehouse reading to finish. I can hear the loons now!


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