Monday Musings – 5 Things I have learned…

…in the past week.  My daughter in law was due with our first grandchild (insert squeel here) on the 12th, and she arrived last Monday. Healthy, pink, adorable, and absolutely perfect. We’ve already had several sessions of girl talk this past week.


It’s a good thing that my post for the Island Batik blog hop was scheduled for last Tuesday, because…

—The first thing I learned about being a Nana is that time stood still for the weekend before Hadleigh joined us. I was completely unable to focus, even on the small stuff…if you could see my desk now, you’d understand. It will take me a while to find things…I’m more than good with that.  I pulled the PTA  blog post together and posted it after we returned from the hospital on Monday night.  I’ve been a mom – of teenagers, who has had her share of late nights waiting for kids and cars to come home. This was different.

—New Dads are all adorable…and suffer from thinking they are the first ones to ever have a baby. My son asked me if I knew how to hold her before he placed her in my arms. Cute, that one…I’m chalking that up to sleep deprivation.

— Hadleigh’s mom (my daughter-in-law) was amazing, and fared better with her birth experience than I did. She also had a much longer time in the delivery room than I did…not that that was ever a record I wanted to loose, but she absolutely astonished me through this whole process. Hadleigh is a very lucky little girl.

— Under the world has changed since I had a baby files, they now make nail polish for babies.  I never knew that – and never would have even thought of that – until my daughter in law told me about it. Ok, in my defense, I did have 2 sons, so I never would have thought of that.

—I raised a fashionista and didn’t know it. Hadleigh’s dad is having too much fun deciding which outfit to put her in. We get photos almost every day, and today, it was turquoise top and leopard leggins.  I think I need to go shopping.

So, catching up on a few  giveaways…

From the BlogPop with Fat Quarter Gypsy, congratulations go out to: Susan Ryan of Odessa Washington.  Susan was visiting her daughter – active duty military in Hawaii when I emailed her. Her pop up is on its’ way to her, and I look forward to seeing what she’s done with it.  Thank you for being a blog reader, Susan.

From the Island Batik Planes, Trains and Automobile Blog Hop, the winner of the 5 Fat Quarter bundle of Sweet Georgia Peach is KD Brown. Congratulations!  I have emailed KD and asked her to contact me with mailing instructions.  I had a blast coming up with Up Up and Away – and playing with the other Island Batik Ambassadors.

Until next week…

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