Monday Musings – 3 ways this App has helped me

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a gadget girl – whether it’s in the sewing room or the kitchen. Todat I want to share with you  an App I recentquilt-calcly discovered for my Android, the Robert Kaufman app, cutely titled “The Quilters Little Helper”.  I have several apps on my phone – or had – and this one has quickly become a favorite of mine.

The App has several calculators which will help you figure out how much usable yardage you need to buy for a given project.

Yardage calculations – I can calculate how many 3 ” squares come from a yard of fabric (168).

Backing requirements – I can accurately determine how much fabric I’ll need if I want to piece a back with conventional yardage, and then compare that amount (and cost) with the cost of a fat back.

Set in and Corner Triangle – this will determine how much fabric you will need for both Set in Triangle (QSTs) and Corner Triangles (HSTs). I know I’ve been guilty of avoiding projects which have those items in there, but now I can expand my quilt-verse to play with those design options.

I had several apps on my phone, and this one made me rethin003k what I had on it.

What apps do you have on your phone?

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