July has come and almost gone – but there’s a whole lot of summertime left

This month has just flown by, and today (!) is the first chance that I’ve had to enjoy one of the biggest perks of working out of the house…the summer office set up.  Today, I have to do lists to be to-done, and newsletters to be written.

  There’s nothing like sitting on the screen porch, listening to the sound of random lawn mowers and wildlife to get those creative juices flowing.  We have a  family of hawks living in the tree next door, serenading me with the sounds of their screams. For now, the screen porch is the closest than Dunkin (see pic) is going to get to the great outdoors.

The month started off with a bang over the fourth of July weekend when my copy of Quilty arrived, and with it, Lake Shore Magic’s debut. That’s very exciting, and I’ve been waiting to  get to work on the next pattern I want to bring out.  Now that the exciting part of the summer is over (and I no longer wait with baited breath for the sound of the school bus), I am looking forward to getting to work on what’s coming next…hopefully, soon.

Now that I’ve gotten the two big ‘push’ projects out of the way,  I had originally intended to spend some time just playing in the studio, and continuing to work on my PhDs.  I know that by the size of this pile, I won’t be graduating any time soon.

There’s a whole lot of mish-mash in that pile…I know there’s some free motion quilting practice pieces that I want to play with, an unfinished challenge that I got ‘stuck on’ – and I’m running out of time, a baby quilt that needs quilting before the child gets to kindergarten.

Why is it that summer seems like it’s going to last forever before it begins, but it seems that by the midpoint of summer vacation – which is not, by the way, the midpoint of the summer?  I’ve barely had time to enjoy lazy evenings on the porch, and already I’m seeing ads for fall clothes…

Like many other summers, I’ll get a late start and then work on my fall raking chores in my flip flops and capris…

Are you enjoying your summer break?

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