I’ve entered a new phase of color…

I’ve entered a new phase of color…

My own preference for color when I am starting a quilt is to pick bright vibrant colors. Earlier this year, I realized that I was drawn to a softer, more opaque color (or rather combination of colors), and I was drawn to it in some very unusual formats. I know that gemstones are a huge inspiration for quilters at the present, and it’s funny to me that my own personal inspiration has been in my jewelry box for quite some time. Opal is my new obsession.

My Opal Dream Big – a slice of fun

When I went on retreat last month, I took one of the Dream Big panels that I wanted to play with. Quite honestly, I’ve had two of the panels here for a while, one which is much stronger in color than this one. For a year, I’ve seen the various versions of this quilt everywhere, and I was finally ready to try it. One of the reasons was that this group of friends was a supportive environment if I lost my nerve – but the best way to begin something is to Begin. This year is going to be my personal ‘just do it’ year. It’s still a work in process, because of deadlines on other projects, but it does make me smile to look at it..

Opals running in the background

This set of jewels dates back to my senior prom. These pastel opals were just the right touch for a prom dress which had a lot of pretty flowers to it, and was sweet. Sweet and innocent, and shades of pastel bouncing around in the light are the prefect way to describe opals. They remind me of a textured background, which will give more depth to a quilt.

Seeing it everywhere…

I’m having my headshots redone next month, and one of the driving factors for that is the fact that I ditched the dye in my hair last year, and they need a refresh. I’m actually loving the new color on me, and my family is getting used to it. I have been in love with this look at the right – the trend is called Opal haircolor. If I were more daring, I’d go for it.

Opal thread – I have choices

Opal even showed up when I was selecting thread to quilt it with. This is a vast departure from my usual go-to favorite brand, Aurifil – but I love the sheen this lends to this project. While I have 2 choices, it’s the bottom one which I am using to quilt with.

It does kind of make me wonder what colors will show up in my clothes for spring and summer, if it ever gets here.

SPARK anyone?

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