It’s time to Yell ‘Plot Twist’

I wanted to use this as a chance to update you on how my attack on my UFO pile – known as the Drop and Give me Twenty program – was going. When I started, I had  lists -of what I was going to work on.  I even moved all the projects into a central location – well, not quite all. I had one bin that I never opened until last Saturday; in all the reorganization fervor, I kept this bin intact and never cracked the cover.

I knew exactly what was in it – or maybe not. When I allowed myself to just take a peak into the bin last week, I was horrified at what I found. Of the original 36 blocks needed to make the patterned top, I had completed 24 of them.  Unfortunately, my horror was not so much the fabric selection001 (4) – although it’s more evocative of Civil War than anything I’m libel to try today – it was the workmanship.

This quilt was started very early in my quilting career – when I had a crappy sewing machine (with a manual printed in Japanese) and a full time job. I didn’t have the right tool for the job, but that didn’t stop me from plowing ahead.  The seams are misaligned – and most way short of the essential quarter inch.  There was too much there to toss out, and I’d frankly be embarrased to put it into an auction – it truly needs some help.

It also needs a new layout – and that’s where the name comes in.  I’ve given it a wplot twisteek, and I have roughly 20% of it resewn…this is a long term project. A very long term project – but I have found that in the process, I’ve begun to appreciate the tools that I now have which make my job easier today than when I started.

There’s a lot of unsewing and resewing in my future with this quilt, and while it’s become a part of my DaGMT experience this year, it never set out to be. I’ve put it away for now, but instead of stufffing it into a bin, it’s been carefully put away in bags so that the next time I pick it up, I can know where it is I stand.  And so I’m back to my list for now.  Sometimes, the quilts just call to you.

Onto the Giveaway from last week – the lucky winner is Karen Fisher, who’s organization tip is to store things in other rooms so your space looks organized!  Brilliant!  I’ll be in contact with you shortly.

Whether you’re working as part of the DaGMT project or not – what are you working on?

Stay warm, and think Spring – I can’t wait until we’re all complaining about the heat!


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