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“If you Give a Quilter a Challenge”

A lighthearted look at the trials and tribulations of a Challenge obsessed quilt maker in the past 30 years. The first Challenge was over 15 years ago convinced her she was hooked, and she has participated in several (and run one) on the guild level for years. This year, she has expanded the horizons (and the complexities) by running an online challenge for a national quilt magazine with readers around the world. Why does she do it? She is always amazed at the fact that you can give a challenge no matter how it’s structured to many quilt makers, and you’ll never get the same result twice.

Time 1 hour; lecture fee $325.00 plus mileage reimbursement

“Ten Quilters you should Know and Why”
This lecture is designed to highlight the changes in modern American quilt making in the past 30 years. Beginning in the early 1970s with the Whitney Museum in NYs exhibition, quilt making has advanced rapidly through technology and the efforts of these women. Did you ever wonder how we came to have all the wonderful 100% cotton fabrics available to us wherever we are? Come join us and find out

Time 1 hour; lecture fee $325.00 plus mileage reimbursement

“Why do all my quilts look the same”
Are you locked into your comfort zone, making variations of the same color palette over and over, because you are not sure where to go next? In this lecture, well explore the basics of color theory, and help to discover the quickest end to boredom you’ve ever seen. I’ll also help you to see whether a fabric in your favorite palette has too much yellow or too much gray for what you’re looking for. I’ll also explain the”˜secret” color that make almost every quilt pop.

Time 1 hour; lecture fee $325.00 plus mileage reimbursement
This program can also be booked as a workshop – $400.00 plus mileage reimbursement for the workshop or Book both together for $700.00 plus mileage.

“The Online Quilter Today”
This program will offer a snapshot view of what’s currently available online for quilters today. Technological changes like blogs and You Tube have dramatically changed how quilters can learn on their own. This class will include both online resources as well as Social media outlets currently available to Quilters.
This program is geared towards recreational quilters, not quilting professionals.
Program fee is $350.00 plus mileage reimbursement and includes handouts for the group.

Prices subject to change.

New for 2017:

“But I Didn’t Mean to Break the Rules…”

This is a lighthearted, interactive look at a very serious subject! Copyright issues are very much at the epicenter of quilting trends today, and a lot of times tempers flare.  We’ll take several common scenarios (drawn from rel life events), and break them down into easy to understand, easier still to remember rules of the game.  I’ll bring the scripts, and the cards (and maybe even a few prizes) as we learn how to respect one another’s creativity.

Approx time is 1 hour, and the fee is $325 plus mileage reimbursement.


  • laurel niemi says:

    Hi Linda.I am co-chair of programs for Ninigret Quilters in Westerly, RI. I am inquiring as to whether you are available to come to our guild in 2019. We meet on the 2nd Tues of the month at 7P with workshops if offered held the next day. We have Feb, Aug, Sept, and Nov available at this time. We also welcome our speakers to vend if they desire to do so.

    • PatchPearl says:

      Hi Laurel…I would love to come to your guild; I’m in the middle of my guild outreach program for the year. Thank you for the outreach. I will email you at the email above to firm up dates and availabilities and my programs! Linda

  • laurel niemi says:

    I am hoping you are able to visit our guild in 2019.

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