Bus Trip to the Garment District – Rescheduled for Sept 17th, 2016


Join me on my day trip to the New York City Garment District on Saturday, September 17th.  What a perfect way to celebrate National Sewing Month.


We will be leaving from the Park and Ride location off Route 3/Exit 8 in Nashua NH (most people know it as the bus terminal) at 6 AM, heading south.  The coach bus is equipped with air conditioning, on board lavs, and a DVD player.  We will be making 2 additional pickups in Massachusetts.


6:30 AM – Burlington Mall area

7:00 AM – the Charlton Mass area


The cost of this trip is $95, which includes your seat and the driver’s tip. There are too many options for meals available for a trip of this nature, so your meals (and of course, shopping) are your responsibility.

We will be stopping at the Charlton Rest Area on the Mass Pike for breakfast around 7:15 AM.  The rest area offers several options for you to pick up a hot breakfast, and indoor bathrooms are also available.  I hope to be on the bus heading for NYC by about 8 AM, which will bring us into the Garment District in NYC late morning.


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Once we’re in NYC, your time is your own. The District has many options for you to explore, and you’ll be largely on foot…so dress comfortably is the first rule of the day. Logistically, many of the shops are small, and it would be tough to explore much in a  large group.

That said, the Information kiosk in the District – the Giant Button – is an excellent place to become oriented, and there are several tours (and associated price points) that are available.  I will be sending out more information on some of the options that seem like they would work well for our timeframe as people register for the trip.

The best resource for people exploring the Garment District that I have found is by Paula Nadelstern, and it appears on her site here.  It’s an excellent primer to use to familiarize yourself with the area.

We will be leaving the city by late afternoon, and stopping at Rein’s Deli in Vernon Conneticut for dinner, before returning to Nashua late in the evening. A full, but very fun day!

To make reservations for the trip, please visit the link here:

We look forward to seeing you on this trip.

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