Dear 2015…

There are two ways to look at the post title above – one, that I’m a little late to the jumping on the New Year’s blogging bandwagon, and two – that I’ve been letting my thoughts come together on the subject – as one would let the flavorings of a good stew come together.  Truthfully, it’s a little bit of Option 1 and Option 2 blended together. My holidays continued on through this weekend, and I’m just now beginning to take stock.

Truthfully – 2014 saw me do many things that I NEVER thought I could do, so setting goals for 2015 isn’t as easy as flipping that calendar. Houston? me? Market – woaa, I’m not ready! Meet Karey Bresenhan? – um, I’ll just be standing over there and breathing into a paper bag.  images

The truth is that I did all those things (and a whole lot more!) last year. And just as truthfully (just between you and me) – I found out that those limiting beliefs, those assumptions about me  were also put there by me. That’s a big dose of reality in colder-than-cold January in New Hampshire for you.

Why are they there? Who put them there? It totally doesn’t matter. I’m moving onto what 2015 has in store for me – and what I have in store for it.

That’s as much deep thought tonight as I can muster – I’m off to work on the next big quilt.

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