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How I made binding magic…

I learned how to finish a quilt in the ‘quilt as desired’ days…before the internet, Youtube, Craftsy and Instagram. That means that I have been turning bindings the old fashioned way (stitched to the front, then flipped and hand sewn down) for  a very long time. Earlier this year, I saw a Facebook post made […]

Monday Musings

Hello, and Happy Monday! I’ve been playing around with some of my attachements to the sewing machine, and I stumbled on something great that I wanted to show you…it’s a short video that talks about a technique that will make your free motion quilting a lot easier. I hope you enjoy it!

Bring on the Christmas Projects!

I’m sitting here, catching up on electronic correspondance as the first snow of the season flies, wishing all of you a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving.  This is a quiet holiday here, and I am working on putting some finishing touches on the quilt below…it’s a flimsy which has had way way too many birthdays. It’s […]