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Camp Weowemuch – Adventures in Shopping

In the last installment of last weekend’s adventures, I left out one of the best parts of any good quilting weekend – the shopping. At the end of the day, it was a tale of 3 distinct quilt shops – a brick and mortar shop that had been a ‘bucket’ list item for a while […]

Dear 2015…

There are two ways to look at the post title above – one, that I’m a little late to the jumping on the New Year’s blogging bandwagon, and two – that I’ve been letting my thoughts come together on the subject – as one would let the flavorings of a good stew come together.  Truthfully, […]

Deadline quilt…without the deadline!

I recently was invited to a baby shower for a dear friend’s first grandchild…this little girl is a very much longed for (and anticipated) baby, so something special was definitely in order. I could have picked up a cute onesie or three, but what fun would that be, especially when I found this cute assortment of […]

Crazy Schedules – How Do You Keep Organized?

Crazy busy? We all get overwhelmed sometimes; it happens. But if it happens too often for you, then here are some questions to answer for yourself plus six practical suggestions so you can begin to make some changes. Let’s start down the path: What will it mean when  you get more organized? What IS more […]