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My second biggest addiction is…

I know you might be tempted to go for ‘chocolate’ (and before this exercise, I might too!), but my recent adventures in spring cleaning yielded some surprising results. This is the second part of a series on spring cleaning, the 2017 edition.  TO see the first entry in the series (and to look at the […]

Spring Cleaning time…and a Giveaway!

To me, there’s nothing like spring to get my cleaning and organizing mojo going, and the sewing room seems to be the Ground Zero for it (yet again) this year.  I’m not sure why it’s this room in the house – more than any other, by far, which needs a good clean and purge every […]

Well, the dust has settled a bit

New year, new organization…every quilter’s desk needs a decent mug rug.  Mine might be a tad bigger than your average size mug rug, but that’s OK. It’s a rug with a message as well as a purpose.  And I tend to bring very large mugs of coffee up here to the office. I’m currently participating […]

It’s a New Year, and it’s Still Organized!

Happy New Year to all! May you have a year of amazing creativity and spark on your quilting journey, wherever you are on your path. I am going to wrap up the blog posts on Organization for now by summarizing some of the discoveries I made about myself – and how I use my room. […]