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Organization Envy…

This will be a short post this week, but every once in a while you come across someone who has a figured out a better way to organize something. I call that effect Organization Envy, and this time it came

My hacked planner – 2020 edition

It seems as if December is when my thoughts turn to the next year’s plans – and that includes planners.  I’ve had a lot of different variations through the last several years, and frankly – some worked better than others.

It’s the start of my quilting year…

When the calendar changed last month, I had a faint sense of welcoming from my days as a mom with kids in the house. I loved back to school time, My kids are now grown with kids of their own,

Room Organization – better, but not yet done!

The saga continues (but you knew that, if you’re a longtime reader of the blog. Part one of this series can be found here, and deals with getting my fabric organization under control…or did it? I have always maintained that

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Organizing My Quilting Space – Again!

I can’t tell you exactly what kicked off my latest frenzy of sewing room organization, but this one is different. If you read my blog post from late February titled My Quilting Room sparks Joy, you should have set an

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My quilting room sparks Joy!

In an interview recently, I was asked what my preferred brand of thread is, and that question became the impetus for this week’s blog post. I am becoming more aware of the amount of supplies that one accumulates as a

Planning to stay Organized

Someone on social media said that the first two weeks (or so) of the year is the free trial, and I would have to say in my case that that is pretty accurate. Almost as soon as I put SPARK

Textile Tuesday expanded….

This post could also  be titled “My Problem and How I solved it”, but I’m going to pull the title from a series I started over on Facebook recently. There are a series  of posts with the #TextileTuesday, and I

Balance – how did I wander so far off the path?

Today, I want to talk about 5 Habits I’m going to be working on this year to improve my Balance.  I’ve mapped my editorial calendar out for the year, and Balance is a recurring theme throughout my year. Ever since I

I’m switching up my UFO process for next year…here’s why

I have learned that life as a Nana works best when you are flexible…this was partially written last night, but I had to move this to this morning because I needed to pitch in with a sick kid.  So apologies