Camp Weowemuch – Adventures in Shopping

In the last installment of last weekend’s adventures, I left out one of the best parts of any good quilting weekend – the shopping. At the end of the day, it was a tale of 3 distinct quilt shops – a brick and mortar shop that had been a ‘bucket’ list item for a while (her show booths always have several things I can’t live without); a new to me shop where I found a Gem hidden amongst the yummy batiks, and a new to all of us fabric store where I fell in love with Stella.

All in all…it was an eclectic weekend for sure!
Dear Stella, Island and Hoffman (among others)

The first store was a new to me stop – Oxford Mill End Store in Oxford. They had an amazing variety of different kinds of fabrics (including wools), Island Batiks and great novelty fabrics.  I also spied a book in the shelf which looked VERY familiar at this point.  I must say, it looks awesome in hard cover!!!

Little Gem


I didn’t buy it this trip, but I did take notice of Tranquilty  – that’s for sure. I can only imagine what a thrill for Connie Kauffman it must be to see it in print.

The next stop iQuilt Essentialss the bucket list item – the      fulfillment of many promises to ‘Get up to the  Shop someday’ for Quiltessentials in Auburn  Maine.  I had to leave the group for a bit (and I  think that they were a bit nervous about it.  I  love shopping the booth at shows, and the shop  was total sensory overload. I almost dipped my toe into the alpaca wool pool…that stuff is soft.

I shouldn’t have waited so long!
The last shop in the trail that leads back to Camp Weowemuch is a very new shop in downtown Norway…Sew Orchid.  This is a beautiful space for a quilt shop in the downtown section, and owner Barbara greeted me full of warmth and quilty passion – even though I just popped in at the end of the day.  I feel a kindred spirit with a woman who loves brights as much as I do – and who paints the walls of the shop a soft Orchid.  It kinds of makes me wish I lived there.

New Shop


There are others in the area that I didn’t get a chance to check into – I feel a return trip coming on.


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