Balance – how did I wander so far off the path?

Balance – how did I wander so far off the path?

Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

Today, I want to talk about 5 Habits I’m going to be working on this year to improve my Balance.  I’ve mapped my editorial calendar out for the year, and Balance is a recurring theme throughout my year. Ever since I decided on that word as a focus word, I have become accutely aware just how out of balance I feel in some ways – not out of control, but definitely out of balance.  Think, if you need a visual, of the leaning tower of Pisa – it’s not going to fall, but no one who sees it would ever assume it’s in balance.

My vision board

In thinking more about this, I realized that the Balance issue has been percolating up for a while now. I participated  in a vision board workshop early last year, and I pulled it out of the closet tonight to really take a look at it. It’s staring me in the face…the quest for balance. Sometimes, I’m a quick study…sometimes not so much.

To quote Tom Ryan…”Onward, by all means…”

One does not go from being out of balance to being in balance quickly…it requires a lot of soul searching, a lot of tough decision making, and dusting off some productivity and time management skills that really need a workout this year.  As does my treadmill and sneakers, but that’s another blogpost entirely. And I need to put fun (deliberately) into the mix.

My workroom is a classic home office (really, it’s the second bedroom in our home), and it houses both my office and my sewing space…so every morning that I come to ‘work’, my first decision is tackle the desk (and computer, emails, deadlines, etc) or the sewing work.  I’m one of those people who is roughly split evenly in the left brain/right brain dominent exercises, so it’s a bit like starting the day with an internal squabble in my head.

The creative muse needs to get as much attention as the analytic one, and lately, she hasn’t.  There’s been way too much spreadsheetin (is that a thing) and way too little stitching going on, and that hasn’t helped. I need to play with the colors, and the patterns…and I have something in my head that’s dying to get out and onto fabric…

To be continued – but if you have some skills or tricks to keeping yourself in balance, I’d love to know.  Clearly, I have lessons to learn.  Comments, as they say…welcome!



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