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Welcome to 2020 – the year of Fearless

If SPARK brought me far along on my evolution in thinking, then there should, in theory be some relationship between last year’s word, and this one. And given that this year’s word came to me in a Chinese fortune cookie

New Traditions this Year – Stockings

So welcome to the last post of 2019. I hope this New Years finds you celebrating the year that was, and anticipating the year that will be. I’m having a very Circle of Life moment now, and part of that

Farewell to SPARK


SPARK is an acronym for Shift, Possible, Actions, Results, and Kind…my words (or my talismans) for 2019. This year, which has brought me so much joy and happiness, didn’t start out that way at all…and a lot of THAT is

Never Judge a Quilt by It’s Fabric

It’s been a while since my last entry into a Quilt Challenge, and this one was something that called to me. My local quilt Shop, Quilting Away in Amherst NH was hosting it’s annual challenge, and I wanted to participate.

My 5 senses in quilting – are they changing?

I have been thinking lately about the progress I’ve made in my quilting journey. In some areas, it’s not as pronounced – but in some areas, it’s something that even I can see. Everyone’s journey is different, and progress is

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Looking for Quilting Inspiration on the road

If you had been watching my Facebook or Instagram feeds last week, you would have seen a series of photos post, seemingly random, all with the hashtag theme #inspirationiseverywhere. And I believe it is, but the truth is that those

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It’s the start of my quilting year…

When the calendar changed last month, I had a faint sense of welcoming from my days as a mom with kids in the house. I loved back to school time, My kids are now grown with kids of their own,

September Color Challenge – Lilac/Lavender (or Violet?)

Happy September – I can’t believe we’re here already. I’m happy to be back participating in Patterns by Jen‘s Monthly Color Challenge again…this time for the Lilac/Lavender color for September. Truthfully, I’m also thinking of it as Violet – but

Reveal – Ringo Lake Renovation

This is the story of a quilt whose story I began almost two years ago, but the story isn’t over yet. This is a sort of ‘You get to pick the ending on this one…. this fall, in Houston (or

Safeguarding Our Quilts – A New Look at Best Practices ( 2 of 2)

Last week, I talked about the importance (for both safety and documentation) of putting a label on your quilts, and shared how I’ve recently updated how I do mine. In today’s post, I’m going to show you how I add