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Making us Laugh – Sweet Dreams

Welcome to my stop on the Making us Laugh Blog Hop, where today I am bringing some fun funky fabrics to give a new spin to an old project. Add a little technology to it, and it’s a good time

Welcome to the Making us Laugh Blog Hop

Join us as we celebrate National Quilting Day in our own original style.

Conquering Fears at a Retreat…

From the Fearless files… I always think of a retreat as an chance to immerse myself in my creative side, which admittedly doesn’t get the chance to come out and play as often as I’d like. I was away at

How I learned to love Flying Geese units again

One of the first quilts I ever made was a hand pieced Christmas quilt which had a flying goose border. It was an early attempt, and I remember thinking that I never wanted to make another Flying goose block as

Organization Envy…

This will be a short post this week, but every once in a while you come across someone who has a figured out a better way to organize something. I call that effect Organization Envy, and this time it came

Connecting to an old skill…Meet the Goddess…

Most of the time. my creative energies go into quilting, but I recently started a project in another medium that takes me back to my creative roots, so to speak. The first creative skill I ever learned, when I was

My hacked planner – 2020 edition

It seems as if December is when my thoughts turn to the next year’s plans – and that includes planners.  I’ve had a lot of different variations through the last several years, and frankly – some worked better than others.

Welcome to 2020 – the year of Fearless

If SPARK brought me far along on my evolution in thinking, then there should, in theory be some relationship between last year’s word, and this one. And given that this year’s word came to me in a Chinese fortune cookie

New Traditions this Year – Stockings

So welcome to the last post of 2019. I hope this New Years finds you celebrating the year that was, and anticipating the year that will be. I’m having a very Circle of Life moment now, and part of that

Farewell to SPARK


SPARK is an acronym for Shift, Possible, Actions, Results, and Kind…my words (or my talismans) for 2019. This year, which has brought me so much joy and happiness, didn’t start out that way at all…and a lot of THAT is